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I am currently a Geology PhD Student working with Dr. Lynn Soreghan at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK. I utilize both field-based and lab-based studies to evaluate the climatic and tectonic histories preserved in sedimentary basins through applied sedimentology, stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology, geochronology, and organic/inorganic geochemistry. My research goal is to discover and apply lithologic and geochemical proxies to better resolve deep-time paleoclimatic and tectonic questions related to the formation of fine-grained sedimentary rocks in both marine and terrestrial environments.


Recent Pub! Sandstone modal composition trends from the Wolfcampian Abo Formation

Check out the first publication of my masters research in New Mexico Geological Society's Special Publication no.14.

Access the publication here

Presentation at GSA 2020 - Connects online

Methods and lessons learned from an attempt to replicate the field mapping experience online

Check out the abstract and presentation here!



University of Oklahoma

PhD in Geology


New Mexico State University

Masters in Geology


West Virginia University

Bachelors in Geology / minor in Business Admin.

Climatic influences on silt production in modern soils
The effects of atmospheric dust on primary productivity and organic carbon preservation


Virtual field experiences for teaching 


Outside of being a geologist, I enjoy camping, hiking, fishing, painting, campfire-cooking, and snapping A LOT of landscape photos. My happy place is anywhere in New Mexico. I love dogs, sushi, yoga, kickboxing, and beer. The best part of life are the friends and family (human and furry!) that I get to share it with. Check photos below if you like mountains, sleeping in a tent, wild flowers, and IPAs.


I am always available to chat about research, teaching, and all-things geology, so never hesitate to reach out!

University of Oklahoma

School of Geosciences

100 Boyd Street, Room 710

Norman, OK 73069 USA


advisor: Dr. Lynn Soreghan


office: Sarkeys Energy Center, 810E

Sunset over the San Andres Mountains while backcountry camping in White Sands National Park

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The sunset over the Pacific Ocean from when I lived in SF, California